I like to make waves with my knees when I’m in the tub.

Gosh it feels fantastic to be taking baths in my own tub again. We spent over 6 weeks working it summer camp style and walking down the hallway to rub a dub dub and scrub our dirty asses. So a chick totally appreciates the sanctity that is…my own mothafricken bathroom.

The little things. That’s all I’m saying. Mmm, speaking of little things! You guys have got to try “kiss my bundt” bakery! Sooooo damn good. I swear to it. My favorites(aside from red velvet) are the lemon drop, and strawberry…which is made from fresh local strawberries. Immediately go and nab some right now….after reading this of course.

So I think I’m going to start getting massages regularly again. My back is a hot mess from all the shooting and drawing, and editing. Maybe not my preferred shi shi hollywood kind, more like a back room, $15, still have some left in my wallet for dinner and a movie type of deal. Whaaa?! I’m all about a deal dammit. I didn’t say what kind of dinner.

Speaking of I’m starved. But it’s too late to eat. And I’m still in the tub. Uggh, I need to get out and back to work. Work work work. I’ll catch a break one day… Outside of the tub.

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