Try to refrain from stalking strangers.

That’s what I was thinking last night when this breathtaking woman strolled into Borders. I was killing time on my laptop before an appointment. Taking advantage of the free wifi mmhm mmhm. Anyhow I noticed her immediately, not because I don’t see attractive androgynines constantly but because she was from a whole other class of dyke. This woman walked the fuck out of the history books, but in an updated sort of way. Or better yet, she could have easily slid from the pages of stone butch blues.

I mean visually I was awestruck. She was well over 45 or 50, but all that time looked damn good on her. She stood at about 5’9, maybe 5’10 with an inch or two of bleach blonde hair. Her face, my god…perfect square jaw and full lips. Her skin was weathered in the best kind of way. She was slender, but cut and veiny, completely covered in traditional ink. Wearing a crisp, white, men’s shirt with the sleeves rolled up under a mustard colored utility vest that I’m sure cost more than my whole outfit. Her dark slim levis (of course) were cuffed perfectly above combat boots that said, “I can kick your ass AND look fashionable while doing so.” It was obvious she was from 2010 but despite her modernity everything about her brought forth feelings of nostalgia. Inside I was fighting the urge to scream out, “take me back to 1950!!”. I did not do so of course. Instead I settled for girlishly gawking at her while she picked up one book after the other.

Maybe I should have offered to iron her levi’s? So what if she was twice my age. I’m sure that generation gap would have proved handy with the lights off. 😉

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