I like to eat

oh my dear dear god…..

Christmas came early!

If you know me, you know there are 5 ways to my heart:

-hand cut shoestring french fries
-fresh broccoli with butter, lemon and mmmm garlic
-fresh squeezed lemonade and/or orange juice

annnnd ooey gooey mac & cheese…not processed shit outta the box (though there is one person who can get me giddy on some kraft spirals, js.), but for the sake of this blog… I mean homemade, homestyle mac and yummy cheeeeeese!!

I was walking downtown the other day and out of the corner of my eye noticed a black and yellow logo and the word “mac” which halted my steps….I then, in awe..entered this new establishment a bit weary but hopeful. And as suspected the culprit was non other than the elbow bandit itself…I inhaled and got a fluttery feeling inside my tummy.


Not only had I died and gone to heaven, I gained 10 lbs upon crossing the threshold, from doorway to counter, in 2 seconds flat (I was more than excited).


“Is this for real?” I asked the guy at the counter. “I’m not hallucinating?”

After he laughed at me for a few minutes, I still stood there staring at him all glassy eyed and I swear on my life that I almost cried. Happy, I’m going to be spending far too much cash to be normal in this joint, kind of tears.


NY has had the pleasure of hosting the mac bar and “s’mac” but LA has yet to have it’s own mac goes modern, and quick…until ::drumroll:: now. No longer do we need to sit in an overpriced restaurant in order to experience a (good) taste of home…a yuppie, glorified, fresh ingredient sorta thang, taste of home to be more exact…

Not my momma’s mac…but around the corner, damn good…

And I couldn’t be more thrilled.






Downtown, LA location
223 West 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014

additional image sources:


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