tres leches de chocolate

Fuck yeah!! Arlenis Sosa on the cover of Latina!


This month go buy it now!  I’m a bit late discovering this (saw it at the grocery store today actually)..but who cares about the when.  I know now and that’s all that matters.

scanned photos via: ebony intuition

It’s not the “first” time my dear Latina has featured a brown skinned Latina. Not too long ago my girl Zoë Saldana was front and center, and way before her Rosario Dawson and recently Sessilee Lopez………but it’s still few and far between that America gets to see we don’t all look like Jennifer Lopez or Salma Hayek.




I say we proudly because I too am a good portion negras latinas or morena. Viva la Panama yo! One half Panamanian to be exact thanks to my biological father. The other half of me is a brilliantly blended Swedish-Caribbean (on my mother’s father’s side), and Portuguese (on my mother’s mother’s side). Pour immediately and serve chilled.

I get so excited when I see other representations of brown skin in the commercial realm. It’s refreshing and long over due. We come from all over the globe and it’s about time people were exposed to more more and then some. That and Arlenis is just breathtaking….seriously. Just peep the fastasticgasmic yumminess
that is Ms. Sosa!

and a few months old but for kicks watch them:

Arlenis is featured in part #2 of the runway specials

3 responses to “tres leches de chocolate

  1. cerebral cathedral


  2. cerebral cathedral

    Yes, Lord!

  3. hahaha…”yes lord?” LOL 😀 ❤

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