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I like to workout late, or super early. But considering it’s rare I get up a decent time…late is usually a safer bet. And the benefit of hitting the gym after 10 or 11pm is I typically have it to myself. But every blue moon there will be that random person with the nerve to crash in on my private time. Like for real for real, how am I supposed to get my gangster walk on…if you’re stretching so close by? You see, I do this ridiculous stroll during my warm up. It’s probably because I feel like such a boy in my sweats, beater, and hair tied up under a bandana. Oh oh annnnd when a killer song comes on my playlist how am I suppose to sing to the mass audience….the one that exists on the flat white wall in front of me…huh? How am I to do that with you running beside me???

So annoying, gosh. I can’t do any of my favorite things. Like pick a wedgy when I feel like it, or make sexy faces at myself in the mirror. “Yeah girl, that’s right…get yo jog on” mmhmm, don’t pretend like you don’t do the same damn thing!

But anyhow, I somehow managed to have a wonderful workout tonight, even if it was crashed by another night owl. My shuffle playlist was really
on point too. Sometimes it’s lazy and doesn’t seem to mix up the artists enough to my liking. But tonight it was pretty rad (would have made for an awesome imaginary concert if mr. man wasn’t there)!

Here are the songs that played tonight (up until I got too lazy to continue keeping track):

damien rice
sleep don’t weep

brandi carlile
shadow on the wall

the pierces

chris pureka

jo mango
my lung

i feel it all

susanna risberg
break tonight

house of cards

soft rock star (jimmy vs. joe mix)

yeah yeah yeahs

uh huh her

sweepstakes prize

the language (feat lateef the truthspeaker)

earth to bella, pt. 2

tegan and sara

damien rice
coconut skins

lisa hannigan
venn diagram

kate nash

pretty reckless


Good shit, right?


I like to talk to myself.

And btw, it’s totally cool as hell that people actually read this
blog. I started it only as a way to calm my nerves. But it seems by
the emails and page views that you guys are actually interested.
Coolbeans!! That makes me one happy camper. So thank you for
subscribing, and for the kind words. I’ll try to keep mixing it up
between the art, fashion, photography, music, and rambling.

What do you like most, and what categories are lacking to you? Send
me a message and let me know your thoughts.

Peace and hair grease!

T. 🙂

2 responses to “this and that

  1. I have been reading this blog for quite sometime now, and this is my first comment. I would like to tell you that I enjoy reading this blog, and that I love thought provoking articles like this!

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