she says

she says…

in whispers soft enough for hummingbirds to hear
vibrant tales do tell of moments I’m wanted near
cow hooves step atop mountains of female breath
closing doors while liquid stings pores before the next step

she says…

flowery glints while brushing hair out of my face
brows creasing with fret while decoding her change of pace
electronic paths lead way to mazes littered with thorns
rounding hidden corners to find even clown faces forlorn

she says…

sit still with the thought of fairy tales over the rainbow

she says…

run free with the mind’s eye to live….a life…perhaps softening the blow

now it’s up to the wind
deciding what’s left to blow…
with the breeze
with the breeze



there is no “but” in “I love you” nor “can’t…or won’t”

only, “will….want…& how”

did the wind say that?


then who?

who didn’t…is what you should ask yourself dear.

(originally posted: September 12, 2007 on myspace)

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