pretty girly things

I used to be a prissy, red lipped, lingerie addict. This was when I was a young girl…around the age of 16-22 or 23 maybe….? Once again..yee ol memory is failing thee. 😛 But anyhow sometime around 2003 I lost touch with all things frilly, glossy and see-thru. Perhaps it was one girlfriend after the other preferring me in boy shorts and a beater… Or my way of trying NOT to be a stereotypical “lipstick” lezzy. Who knows. I do know I miss my drawers over flooding with Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur. And who buys a teenager $200 bras anyways? My dear dear mother that’s who. Bless her heart(may she rest in peace) and the expensive taste she left me with. At least the taste…I used to have!

A few years ago I almost had a heart attack because they were going to discontinue my “tarte” 24/7 lip sheer color. It gave me the best cherry pout imaginable and I bought out the entire counter at The Grove’s, Nordstrom! How many? Let’s just say I’m still not going to run out anytime soon.


It’s just perfect for on the go color without the hassle of putting on actual lipstick. Wow that sounded like an endorsement, haha. I like to laugh at myself, can you tell? So needless to say after this ramble about who knows what…lace and lipstick??? I was flipping through February’s Elle and was totally inspired to get back to my girlish ways.

Silk bra, $75, brief, $75, both, 3.1 Phillip Lim

Polyamide and spandex-blend bra, $275, panty, $160, both, Eres

Lace-detail silk satin charmeuse bra, $158, tap pants, $198, both, undrest Haute couture by Maria Paz Navale

Nylon and raffia bodysuit, Dolce & Gabbana

I think I need all of these in my life. Too bad I couldn’t have been born again sooner….let’s just say I’ve had a couple Bridget Jone’s moments semi recently, and it was not cute. Gotta revamp the underware amo, and pronto!

As for the just bitten lip…that I’ve got down to a science. Here are a few more of my lip obsessions:

Stainiac, by The Balm

Lip Envy, By Urban Decay

Natural Lip Stain, By Tarte

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