pitter patter

what is love?

I was just sitting here staring out this huge window…the sun blinding my vision when my thoughts wandered over to the subject.



I believe love…is neither simple nor definable. I think that love is a feeling, a look, a moment that last longer than a single moment should. love is that breath upon your neck that makes you want to be alive just to experience it. that touch that makes you quiver before a single finger even presses down on your skin. that gloomy day that’s…suddenly bright when you look into their eyes. that short story that takes an hour to tell just because they like to listen to you speak…and listen they do…

because they feel it in their bones.

love….if true, is deep and mutually penetrating….and it shows.

love in it’s raw form will make you new, it will make you whole. and if you let it, it can inspire your soul.

love to me…exists in purity and simplicity. since I was a little girl I’ve been a hopeless romantic. now at 29 I still believe in fairytales. only I’ve stopped chasing love….now I think I’ll sit back enjoy the ride, and for once, let love…chase me.


One response to “pitter patter

  1. beautiful. yes. i like the heart scrawls too.

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