stained glass

she spoke to me in fragments,

utilizing aletiration to paint canvases to life.

we danced from one vibrancy to the next with each utterance.

“one day”
she’d say
“some day” with a smile that made me weak in the knees before I knew what it looked like.

she whispers in the middle of the night, providing much needed assurance to doubtful molecules of my desire.

but when…

she wanted to know……when.

stretching her arms out in front of her, love still felt out of reach.

“please, I beg of you…it’s cold in here….and I’m deathly afraid of the dark”

hanging her head low she watched her shadow walk away into nothingness.

sitting there like a mound of battle wounds left behind warriors at bay…

she cried.

alone with her pride, under the veil she feared most, she cried.

eventually enough strength came back to her legs enabling the better part of her to continue on, finding light…


her light

shined bright and gave her faith

to feel.

allowing what’s true

and wildly unbelievable

to be revealed.

(originally posted: June 26, 2007 on myspace)

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